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ESN Working Group on Ageing and Care - Active Ageing – Third Meeting

ESN Working Group on Ageing and Care - Active Ageing – Third Meeting

The aim of ESN’s working group on ageing and care is to increase the capacity of public authorities to plan and manage older people’s services in a sustainable and person-centred manner and to promote active and healthy ageing.
The working group consists of core group members and thematic contributors who are senior professionals that plan, coordinate and manage social services for older people. Over the course of five meetings between 2014 and 2016, the working group will look at the following thematic areas:
 Cross-cutting issues, such as service planning, public contracting and evidencebased practice
 Cooperation between health and social care
 Active ageing
 Workforce
 Home-based care
The ESN working group analysed national, regional and local policies and practices. This policy and practice analysis will outline the challenges and opportunities of developing quality and sustainable services for older people at a local or regional level.
At the third meeting, we looked at active ageing which aims to optimize opportunities for health, participation and security in order to enhance the quality of life as people age. At European level, the European Commission developed the Active Ageing Index, a tool to measure the extent to which older people can realise their full potential in terms of employment, participation in social and cultural life and independent living. The role of local and regional authorities is emphasised by the WHO initiative on age-friendly environments which is also implemented by the AFE INNOVNET project on age-friendly environments.
The working group discussed policies that support active ageing, analysed local and regional practices that promote active and healthy ageing for older people who already receive some form of support, and came up with recommendations for active ageing measures. The issues addressed include: prevention and rehabilitation, participation, autonomy and service user involvement. Moreover, the working group also visited an ‘Active Participation Centre for Older People’ in Seville.

Federico Alonso Trujillo, member of AECES, spoke in the seminary about Local Practices on Active Ageing in Andalusia. ASSDA – Agencia de Servicios Sociales y Dependencia de Andalucía. Consejería de Igualdad y
Políticas Sociales.

Fecha: 14/09/2015